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Tanjung Menangis, Sumbawa, January 2014: I Dont Mind Being Alone, and "Sometimes Can" Angler

I don't mind being alone, and to be "sometimes can" angler. God too good to me always gave me chance to work as hard as I can, as best as I can. And also always gave me chance to go fishing. I met some local people during my duty in Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat. They are some very nice farmers, fisherman's and also another native people. I shot them for the culinary program and they very happy with their new experience. "Story to my grandchild", they said.

Honestly I'm not there for fishing. I know for sure how about to be professional. But they (after saw my t-shirt, with GT sketch printed there) push me to follow them to the sea. And I wonder. We just ride about 15 minutes from beach, and I got this holy GT! Thanks God! Thanks to all of you in Sumbawa. God bless you all!

Bertemu dengan orang-orang di pedesaan Sumbawa bagi saya pribadi perlu usaha ekstra keras untuk "berbicara". Saya tidak mengerti bahasa Sumbawa, dan mereka sangat sedikit bisa…

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