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Smile To Sunset and Thanks To God

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I captured this sunset several second after KM Perjuangan, our fishing boat, left Karang Jajar. Karang Jajar is ultimate popping spot in Ujung Kulon.

I caught no fish yesterday at Ujung Kulon, Banten. My flies lonely all the time when I try to cast about one hour, the only time I got to do fly fishing in Pulau Peucang. But I’m sure I caught some more important things. Not only about how to fish at Ujung Kulon, but also how we respect the nature, how to act in the wild, how to make great relationship with our team, etc. So, even I caught no fish I still can smile to the sunset and thanks to God.

My only fly fishing picture from Ujung Kulon yesterday. It's over exposure but I don't know why I like this photograph.(Photo by Sandi Taruni)